How does it work?

Food Safety Plan Builder is a cloud-based food quality management system. The powerful Food Safety Quality Assurance platform gives farm and QA managers an easy-to-use tool to automate compliance, safety and quality programs. It has been designed to provide valuable real-time data to help optimise operations, save time and reduce costs.

The user-friendly tool will provide you with a simple and thorough package that takes you through the process step-by-step. Start with basic facility information and preliminary stages of building a plan through to producing a full document with an electronic or manual signature page. Each stage of the process can be saved online and documents can be downloaded to your computer and/or printed.

Food Safety Plan Builder features

  • A complete portfolio of digital templates used within Fresh Produce Food Safety and Quality Standards. This includes all new forms required by the key Fresh Produce bodies and ongoing updates.
  • Growers save time on documentation with all forms created for you! All you need to do is enter the relevant details.
  • Existing systems can be combined with new by uploading previous documents, records and forms.
  • All documents and forms can be kept safe in the digital locker and accessed anytime.
  • Simplify the audit process. FSPB provides additional read only log-in options for auditors so that forms can be audited remotely saving time and money.
  • No need for manual signatures. FSPB enables the creation of digital signatures and document verification online with ease.
  • Farmers can use FSPB’s patented verification system to enhance document traceability, trust and transparency.
  • Q1: Jan, 2021
    Fresh produce forms 1-10 complete
  • Q1: Feb, 2021
    Fresh produce forms 11-20 complete
  • Q1: Mar, 2021
    Fresh produce forms 21-30 complete
  • Q2: April, 2021
    Fresh produce balance of forms complete
  • Q2: May, 2021
    Consulting page added
  • Q2: June, 2021
    Form repository complete
  • Q3: July, 2021
    QR codes added to forms
  • Q3: Aug, 2021
    Auditor login complete
  • Q3: Sept, 2021
    Blockchain technology integrated
  • Q4: Oct, 2021
    Subscription control
  • Q4: Nov, 2021
    HARPS added
  • Q4: Dec, 2021
    HARPS from repository complete and functional
  • Q1: Jan, 2022
  • Q1: Feb, 2022
  • Q1: Mar, 2022
    DIgital Help Videos commenced
  • Q2: April, 2022
    Digital locker complete
  • Q2: May, 2022
    (certifications, licences, COA, insurances)
  • Q2: June, 2022
    Paddock data syncing function
  • Q3: July, 2022
    SMETA forms
  • Q3: Aug, 2022
    SMETA forms
  • Q3: Sept, 2022
    Client Food Safety Plans
  • Q4: Oct, 2022
    Organic forms
  • Q4: Nov, 2022
    Onboarding Client Food Safety Plans
  • Q4: Dec, 2022
    FAQ upgrade complete

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